The immutability and decentralized security of the blockchain provides the independent root of trust that is leveraged by the Immutable Ecosystem for the benefit of digital product consumers and creators alike. Commercial or nonprofit, this ecosystem can automate digital product distribution and sales processes for digital content creators. In the most simplistic terms the Immutable Ecosystem (ie. Ecosystem) is a decentralized Software Store (App Store) whose database is the blockchain. If this still sounds complicated let us paraphrase. The Immutable Ecosystem means trust. Trust that users download the digital product exactly as released by the digital creator. Trust that users can purchase digital product activations as depreciable assets with resale rights. Trust that digital creators are supremely compensated for all user activation purchases. Trust that the digital activation resale process is auditable and designed to prevent fraud. Trust that no central authority will exist to impose its financial or political insecurities upon the digital creator community.

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