Decentralized digital product ecosystem

The Immutable Ecosystem is a platform for digital product sales and distribution, managed by an open, non-profit organization. Powered by Ethereum blockchain technology, the Ecosystem offers a scalable and automated sales and distribution solution at fair-minded prices.

  • Secure, Free and Worldwide Software Distribution
  • Enterprise Level Software License Management
  • Offer Premium Activation Assets at Scale
  • Automate Sales and Distribution Processes
  • Exposure and Marketing to Blockchain Enthusiasts

Early Adopter Benefits

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Early Adopters

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Quick Video Introduction

What is ImmutableSoft?

The Immutable Ecosystem (ie. the Ecosystem) is an open and decentralized application store built on Ethereum blockchain technology by ImmutableSoft Inc. It is designed to automate software distribution including sales and license activations. Software creators transact their releases to the blockchain, utilizing their Ethereum wallet private key as their software release signing key. End users can then freely download and verify the software.

An activate token is distributed to an end user in exchange for payment (ETH, ERC20 token). Each unique activate token created in exchange for payment represents a software license activation. Through the Immutable Ecosystem end users can download, install, purchase and manage authentic software directly from the software creators themselves.

Software developers can leverage the Ecosystem to validate third party build dependencies during the software build process. Tipping/Donating ETH to their dependency organizations if desired during their release process.

Software Creator Ecosystem Usage Plans

Pay As You Go
lifetime membership

Unlimited products

and releases

Unlimited offers

priced in ETH

5% fee

for activation sales

Fixed fee

for activation create and move

Limited support

through email only

billed yearly

Unlimited products

and releases

Unlimited offers

priced in ETH

0% fee

for activation sales

No fee

for activation create and move

Prompt support

through phone or email

Premium Plus
billed yearly

Unlimited products

and releases

Unlimited offers

priced in ETH or any ERC20 token

0% fee

for activation sales

No fee

for activation create and move

Priority support

24/7 through phone or email

Activate Token Structure

Type of token: ERC721 non-fungible
Creation of tokens: Ongoing, upon purchase only
Rights of token holder: Right to activate an instance of software. Resale of activation.
Limitation of token: Limited rights inherited from offer designed by creator
Value based emission: Value based on software product activated
Secure ways to purchase: Offer based, Ethereum (ETH) or ERC20
Hardcap: No limit
Created by End Users purchasing Ecosystem Product Activation Offers
Created manually by Resellers/Software creators for their customers

Revenue Distribution

  • 20% Promotion

    Revenue dedicated to outreach and promotion

  • 30% Other Operating Expenses

    Expenses for web presence and SEO, general overhead, social marketing and legal.

  • 50% Staffing

    Staff compensation plans

Development and Growth Roadmap

February 2020
Public bug bounty
July 2020
Commercial solution for Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)
November 2020
Complete PoC demonstrated
January 2020
Advertising Launch
June 2020
Ropsten testnet launch
October 2020
Real products demonstrated on Ropsten
December 2020
Ready for Mainnet Launch

Decentralized worldwide sales and distribution

ImmutableSoft believes secure digital distribution is a basic human right. Using only the Ethereum network, digital creators can distribute and sell their software at scale by supporting the Immutable Ecosystem within their premium product.

billion USD — worldwide revenue of

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)



low cost transactions,

no minimum or maximum



from centralized distribution authorities

Our Referral Program

Earn reward by inviting collaborators. You’ll earn bonus credit toward future purchases for each colleague you invite to the Immutable platform. Invite partners and organizations responsible for your software dependencies to best secure your supply channels.